My Story

This isn’t something I like to talk about very much, but I think it’s important for some people to hear. I have struggled with depression on and off for my whole life. Becoming a single mom certainly did not help. I am very good at showing up to school and work with a big smile and cheery attitude, but when I am home there are days when I don’t want to move. Luckily school and kids have kept me very busy, but it just isn’t a good way to live.

In March my friend told me about the 21 Day Fix and I jumped right into it and it completely changed my life. Even though I was incredibly busy with school, clinicals, work, and taking care of my kids all by myself I made the time to get in my workouts every single day; sometimes that meant coming home from clinical at 11:30pm and working out before bed, but I got it done. There is something incredibly therapeutic about taking care of yourself. The sense of pride and accomplishment you get when you see your body changing before your eyes is amazing, and the sense of purpose coaching has given me is indescribable.

I recently let myself slip back into my old bad habits of skipping workouts and, not surprisingly, I found myself having no energy to get off the couch to do anything. Today I decided to kick my butt back into gear and do another round of the 21 day fix, and after finishing my first workout I feel like a totally different person. I will be forever grateful for my coach bringing this program into my life.

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I Am Human

I dropped the ball. Yesterday was Father’s Day and I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was. I spent the past month looking at cards, thinking of thoughtful things to write in the cards, making lists of possible gifts, shopping for gifts, and researching local restaurants who offer not only brunch but also vegan brunch items. After having very little luck finding a decent vegan brunch menu I decided to just leave it up to my significant other to decide what we were going to do for breakfast; after all, it was his day, not mine. Father’s Day morning came and I asked, “What do you want for breakfast?” His answer? Let’s just say it was not a green smoothie, protein pancakes, or a tofu scramble. So after a breakfast of sugar, oil, and more sugar I asked, “What should we do today?” We decided to take a chance and bring our kids to Fantasy Island for the first time despite the rainy start to the day. Since this was a last minute decision and we were in a rush to try and get in as much family fun before the next downpour I did not go prepared. I didn’t bring apples or raisins or sandwiches or Shakeology or anything else that could save us from our next bad decision. On the plus side I did pack a bottle of water (small victories). After a couple hours of basking in sun and walking (and spinning) in circles we got hungry. I had to face a decision: Leave the park after such a short time or find something to eat in the park. Have you ever tried to find vegetarian food in an amusement park? No? Let me tell you your options: French fries, nachos, popcorn, cotton candy, or fried dough. “Ummmmm I’ll take the deep fried corn and the deep fried potatoes please.” Okay, we’re off to a rough start, but hey, we can still walk it off and have a healthy dinner! WRONG! Dinner plans involve pizza and juice! There comes a point in the day where you just call it. You’ve made one mistake after another and there’s no turning back. The best you can do is stuff your cheeks with edamame before bed like a squirrel preparing for winter, but you won’t because you’re just too darn tired.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to know I am human. I have days where I start the day with donuts and end it with cookies, more days than I care to admit. Last year I would have days like yesterday and I would repeat that for a week or a month- I would binge! I’d give myself 100 reasons why I didn’t need to be “Skinny” and I would just let it go. Then eventually a lightbulb would go off (or a pants button would pop) and I would put my foot down and cut out everything. I would starve and deprive myself and I would find myself working out so often that I was even doing standing crunches in the shower. It was an unhealthy cycle of self hatred and deprivation until I decided enough was enough. I clearly couldn’t do this alone. The funny thing is my job is to motivate people, to keep them on track, to hold them accountable, to inspire them to make healthy choices and change their lives doing so, but really my team is what keeps ME on track, what motivates ME to make healthy choices and push past these bad days. That’s what I love about having a team; we are all helping each other. I may be the coach but a coach can’t do much without her team. As for how I am going to make up for yesterday: I’m going to have a green smoothie for lunch and plenty of veggies and fruits for dinner and for snacks throughout the day. I’m also going to get a good workout in. I’m not going to starve and I’m not going to obsess over yesterday. I got to spend a lovely day with my family and you can bet next time I will come prepared with healthy snacks. 😉

fantasy island

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Bikini Boot Camp!


Last week I was able to bring my family on the best vacation of my life so far, and after having two kids I was able to rock my new bikini! I have a ton of stretch marks and my abs are still hidden under a little bit of extra skin but I worked HARD for this body and I am proud of how far I have come. Don’t give up on your goals; it drives me crazy to hear moms say that they will never wear a bikini again/be a size _ again/fit in their favorite clothes again/etc. Believe you can and you WILL! However, my journey is not over, and it never will be! Healthy is a lifestyle, not a diet. My Bikini Boot Camp challenge group starts July 1st and I will be kicking butt with Hip Hop Abs! If you want to kick butt with me I urge you to join my challenge group to get the body you deserve and to make a healthy change!