The Marriage Lease

Today my husband and I came up with an interesting concept:

What if marriage was like a lease that you had to renew annually?

Some people renew their vows as a way of showing that they still have the love for one another that they had when they first decided to wed, and that they still promise to spend their life together.  What if this was a mandatory exercise every year for all marriages?  Like a lease on an apartment, if after the year you spent together you decide you would like to move on, then you would simply not renew your vows.  This would save couples from having to go through the process of divorce, which would take away a lot of tension from impending breakups.  On the other hand, it would be a way for couples that are still madly in love to renew their promises and think of how wonderful their life is together.

I think the only people who would strongly fight this becoming law are the divorce lawyers, because clearly they would be out of a job!


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