Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

I’m sure I have posted something along the same lines before, but I feel that this is a message worth reiterating:

I cannot wrap my mind around intolerance and the world we live in.  In the year 2011, why do people still have to be so afraid of letting the world know who they really are?  There are so many people every year that attempt or commit suicide because they identify as a member of the LGBT community and are afraid of what others might think if they were to come out.  Even more so, there are countless (thousands? millions?) of people who feel that they need to hide their identity for fear of rejection or losing their family and friends.  Fortunately we are making progress in this matter, including the repeal of DADT and states across the country progressively allowing same-sex marriage.

I just wish I could gather up every hiding person out there and tell them, “You are not alone! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you!”  It might not be easy to come out, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than bottling up your emotions and living a miserable lie .

I would also recommend that everyone check out the website “I’m From Driftwood.”  It has a lot of wonderful stories (especially if you’re feeling alone!)  Here is an inspirational excerpt I found in an article titled I’m From New York, NY:

“..Love is universal. Same-sex love is not a demonic deviation of heterosexual love. Love is love. It comes from the young and old, rich and poor, Chinese and black… it comes from our hearts. Who we give it to is our choice.”


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