Hidden Lies

They say you can’t have a healthy relationship without trust and honesty, but how far does that go?  Obviously, lying is never a good idea; that’s one thing we know for sure.  What’s unclear is where we draw the line between lying and just keeping things from people.  We all have people in our lives that we just don’t talk to about certain things.  For example, you might not discuss politics with your boss or religion with your mother in law, and there is nothing wrong with that.  But when it comes to significant others, is it okay to just avoid certain topics, or is it necessary to be in agreeance on all topics no matter how controversial?  If you differ in your taste in music or personal style, I’m not sure it’s worth voicing your opinion when it will just start a fight.  However, there should be a line drawn there as well.  If you hold a cause near and dear to your heart, such as vegetarianism or gay rights, your unwavering passion for that cause could make or break a relationship.  A truly healthy relationship is between two people who respect each other’s views.  Of course, each situation is unique.  Perhaps some relationships just are worth fighting for.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Lies

  1. I met you years ago on a camping trip! I remember what a huge liar you were then! I can’t believe that you posted above “lying is never a good idea” That is pretty funny coming from you! I hope that you have changed, because you probably will never know the devastation that you have caused

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