As I opened my phone and looked at my wallpaper I realized something: every time I look at my phone my thoughts are directed towards the image I see.  In the middle of studying my biology notes, I look at my phone with the intention of simply checking the time, and inadvertantly change my course of thought.  This led me to the thought that perhaps every decoration around us distracts us.  For example, posters of musicians and pieces of art around one’s home no doubt leads one to at least momentarily stray from their original thought.  Personally I cannot look at my roommate’s Lil Wayne poster without grimacing in disgust over today’s declining culture and society.  Perhaps this is why libraries and classrooms tend to lack decoration and stimulants; they want us to focus on our task at hand.  In elementary school, classrooms are full of stimulating colorful posters and decorations, and then freshman year of highschool the world seems gray with only diagrams pertaining to the class’s subject lining the walls.  I suppose there could be people out there with better attention spans than I (I am very easily distracted by my surroundings and prefer to work alone in an empty, silent room); however, I find it a logical theory that one can achieve much deeper thought on one subject if there is nothing and no one around to force one’s mind to stray.  Of course, who wants to live in an un-decorated and colorless world?


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