There’s really nothing more comforting than looking through old photo albums, watching home videos, and just thinking about past memories.  We all go through the familiar feeling of nostalgia at least once in our life (personally I feel nostalgic at least once a day!)  Whether you miss high school, college, old friends/ relationships, or even your first car, it always gives you a warm feeling to close your eyes and go back to those days.  One interesting part of nostalgia is that you rarely remember any negatives from the past; it’s as if the past is our heaven because it’s only what we want to remember it as.  I’ll never forget all the times my dad said to me growing up, “You’ll look back and miss these days,” & “You think this is bad, it only gets worse as you get older!”  Of course, I would never listen.  I hated high school and thought every lost friend and relationship was the worst thing that could ever happen, and yet I look back and say, he was right after all.  I find myself constantly saying the same things to my little brother every time he complains about school or gets upset over something I know (but he refuses to believe) is silly and unimportant.  Nostalgia always hits me hardest when I’m listening to music I used to love and have forgotten about over time, and when I’m looking through old pictures from high school dances and family parties.  Even though I know that back then I thought my life was boring and I couldn’t wait to grow up, I’d give the world to re-live it all over again.  So go ahead, take out your old scrapbooks & yearbooks & throw on a Backstreet Boys cd and live in the past!  Sometimes it’s nice to remember how you got where you are now.


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