Self Help

Yesterday while on my break at work a friend noticed I was reading a book.  She read the title “The Happiness Project” aloud and then laughed and said, “You’re reading a self-help book.”  Of course, I naturally reacted by stumbling over my words to defend myself saying things like “No…. It’s how one woman made her life better, but.. I just want to learn to be happier..” and then trailed off.  Now that I think about it more, I suppose it is a self-help book.  Though I didn’t find it next to a Dr. Phil book or anything like that, it is in fact a book that I am reading to help myself become happier (and it is definitely working, might I add).  Then again, I constantly become enveloped in fictional novels that, less obviously, help me to grow as an individual and harness some of my innermost feelings.  Every time I pick up something by Kyra Davis I form a plan to move to San Francisco and become a writer (AKA: follow my dreams) and become that much more comfortable with every one of my flaws.  So what’s the difference?  I personally believe that any book can be a self-help book if you dig deep enough and want it to be.  So from now on I will stand proud in saying, “Yes, I AM reading a self-help book.”


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