Stress Relief: Amish Style

One sentence we have all heard countless times in our lives is, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”  My father is probably the biggest promoter of this phrase, though he does add “But it can make life easier.”  In a world where everything revolves around money (food, shelter, clothing, water; heck, it even costs thousands of dollars to die nowadays after the funeral and grave expenses), one’s financial state can determine how happy they are and how they live their life.  The American Psychological Association did a survey showing that 73% of Americans list money as their number one stress factor.  It is extremely irksome to me that simple paper, numbers, can alter our lives so greatly and even shorten our lives!  Stress can lead to all sorts of health complications such as heart disease, decreased immunity, high blood pressure, depression, and so much more!  So why do we let it get to us?  So we decided to take some loans out for college, a car, a house; why does it then dominate our lives until we pay it back?  Wouldn’t it be nice if we still lived in a world where we grew our own food, built our own houses, walked everywhere, and money had never been created?  Just think, we would probably sleep easier, smile more, and probably even live longer.  I guess what I’m trying to say is: Thanks a lot “Industrialists.”  Let’s all live like the Amish; they really seem to have the good life figured out.



2 thoughts on “Stress Relief: Amish Style

  1. I like the sound of that Jess!! However, I do want to keep my medical care, because without it people live shorter lives too.
    I love you sweetie!! I also enjy your Rantings!!

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