Sorry Doesn’t Cut It

One thing that I find myself saying entirely too often is “Sorry doesn’t cut it.”  I’m more for the “Show me, don’t tell me” motto.  I truly believe that if one is truly sorry for one’s actions, then said action won’t be repeated in the future.  So what bothers me is when someone makes the same mistake over and over again and expects sorry to solve the problem.  Is the word sorry some sort of magical term that erases our memories of all past mistakes?  If a person murdered someone but then apologized, should we lessen his punshinment?  I should think not.  So why bother even saying it?  Perhaps it is to ease the conscience of the murderer.. er, the person who made the mistake in the first place.  Perhaps the term sorry doesn’t erase the memory of the person being apologized to, but of the apologizer.  If that’s the case then sorry is a very selfish thing to say.


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