I dislike the fact that my blog so far contains nothing but me ranting on about my future, so here goes an extremely random thought.

Today there are many examples of commitments one can make that once (long, long ago) would have been permanent, but are no longer so serious.  For example, tattoos.  When ink was first etched into man it was a life-long- that’s gonna be stuck on your arm forever- kind of thing.  Now, science has figured out ways to suck the ink out of your body if “Dave” is no longer a name you want to have written on your bicep.  It’s kind of like marriage.  Back in the old days (or hundreds of years ago) marriage was a life-long commitment since divorce hadn’t been an option (well, and most marriages were loveless setups by a woman’s parents).  Yet now, anyone can make a quick trip to Vegas, have the wildest night they’ll never remember, get hitched to a prostitute (now legal in Vegas), and then take it all back in the morning.  The fact that there is no real sense of permanence anymore makes life a little less serious.  So go ahead, tattoo a smiley face on your butt and marry a chick named Candy!  Live a little!


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